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Fratelli Boffi

A story of passion, tradition and family since 1928.

Fratelli Boffi is a company with a strong craftsmanship heritage. In nearly 100 years of activity, it has deepened its knowledge through continuous study of design, the search for precious materials, and technological development. The firm has two strong souls. The first is devoted to research and experimentation, inspiring designers and architects to create high-quality collections and furnishings with boundless creativity. The second excels in the realm of contracts, delivering bespoke projects with authority, drawing from years of valuable experience. While its style is rooted in the classical, it simultaneously revolutionizes antiquated solemnity with a touch of irony and eclecticism. Always mindful of customers' needs and today’s challenges, Fratelli Boffi aims to preserve craftsmanship in this modern age, creating unique and timeless pieces.